Sunday, 4 December 2011

100 Fastest Growing Companies in UK

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Sales growth
% pa
Online money lender
361.2973.8*0.8  Made 830,000 loans in 2010, a fivefold increase on the previous year
2Asperity Employee Benefits
Employee benefits provider
266.52‡81.41.7  Provides perks such as retail discounts to more than 1m employees
Online music CD and games trader
205.21‡30.8*1.1  Offers 16 new football kits in exchange for 400 old CDs or DVDs
Financial trading services provider
191.1325.41.0  Its technology can execute a trade in less than a millionth of a second
Telecoms services provider
171.68‡7.1*0.4  Raised £13.5m funding from investors including Accel Partners
6I Spy
Digital marketing agency
169.639.10.5  Advises cosmetics retailer Avon on its social networking activity
Online video delivery and analysis
168.54‡22.71.2  Founders are seeking equity finance to fund an aggressive growth strategy
8The Hut Group
Online retailer
141.62‡85.46.1  Sells more than 1m different products across its websites
9Peach Telecom
Telecoms services provider
137.367.10.5  Has grown by swallowing up smaller competitors
10Smart Traffic
Digital marketing agency
129.365.80.5  Has more than 100 technicians working on search engine optimisation
11Nomad Digital
Transport communications provider
125.558.6*0.8  Investors include T-Mobile’s venture fund
IT consultancy
117.86‡10.71.0  Plans to launch an IT testing centre in the UK to compete with overseas rivals
13Zamir Telecom
Internet telephony provider
115.36‡11.01.1  Founder was once a barrister specialising in criminal defence
Digital marketing agency
111.0974.27.9  Is helping to market a new Harry Potter website
15Adconion Media Group
Advertising distribution platform
110.41‡148.015.9  Raised £40m from a private equity consortium in 2008
Email management services provider
96.79‡20.92.7  Helped the Salvation Army to cut spam levels from 90% to almost zero
Price comparison website
96.72101.5*13.3  Provides 2m insurance quotes a month
Software developer
96.3417.12.3  Has made 13 acquisitions in seven years
Flight comparison website
94.23‡15.32.1  More than 2m people have installed its iPhone application
Semiconductor equipment maker
94.088.8*1.2  Received £2m of funding from Albion Ventures in 2007
21Workspace Technology
Data centre designer
86.697.01.1  Has developed energy-saving airconditioning systems for data centres
Online payment services provider
86.558.51.3  Lets corporate clients design their own virtual credit cards
Online payment provider
84.86‡12.62.0  Generates 80% of revenue overseas after going international five years ago
Price comparison website
84.58‡8.21.3  Estimates that its sites receive 1.3m visitors a month
25We Buy Any Car
Online car trader
81.99315.152.3  Says it buys more than 100,000 cars a year
26Concentra Consulting
Software developer and consultancy
80.985.40.9  Its software is used by chemotherapy units to plan allocation of resources
Online market research technology
80.7973.612.5  Claims its online community generates more than 1m votes a day
Takeaway website
80.10‡18.13.1  Completed an acquisition earlier this year to break into India
29GameAccount Network
Gaming software developer
75.57‡*15.12.8  Claims it processed $1 billion in bets last year
30Rated People
Tradespeople recommendation website  Half a million home improvers use its website each year
31The Foundry
Visual effects software developer
74.3013.02.5  Believes Bollywood offers the most potential for sales growth
32Excelerate Technology
Communication technology developer
72.785.31.0  Facilitates a mobile library service in Northern Ireland
Educational software consultancy
72.4910.92.1  Is looking to expand across Europe after recent acquisition in Finland
34Intelligent Energy
Clean power systems developer
72.417.81.5  Has re-engineered planes and motorbikes to use hydrogen fuel cells
35Block Solutions
IT consultancy
72.3710.72.1  Doubled its headcount in the past year and will open a new office in Cheshire
Hospitality software developer
70.836.01.2  Has 85 staff of 22 different nationalities
37Quickstart Global
IT services provider
70.60‡9.92.0  Co-founder Neal Gandhi has started up and sold three other companies
38Cambridge Broadband Networks
Wireless technology developer
70.56‡27.85.6  Has raised £55m in seven rounds of funding since it was founded in 2000
Online retail platform developer
69.84‡12.0*2.4  Operates the online store for the London 2012 Olympics
Genetic diagnostics developer
69.726.81.4  Plans to open offices in America and Singapore
41Kaspersky Lab
Anti-virus software developer
68.55299.062.5  World’s third-largest vendor of consumer IT security software, according to Gartner
Managed services provider  Has delivered IT projects on five continents in the past year
Online payment provider
64.6957.012.8  Was first e-money issuer to obtain a licence from the Financial Services Authority
Music recognition services provider
63.8710.62.4  Its logo recently appeared in a Starbucks advertisement starring Lady Gaga
Internet services provider
62.9223.35.4  Underwent a £47m management buyout backed by LDC in April
46Updata Infrastructure
Network services provider
62.6919.74.6  Has connected 800 Welsh GP surgeries to the internet
Telecoms services provider
61.4493.222.2  Recently formed a partnership with the Chinese telecoms firm ZTE
48Fourth Hospitality
Hospitality software provider  Its software is used in 16 countries, including Russia, Germany and South Africa
Smart-card transaction manager  Claims to process 2.5m transactions a day
Digital media agency
59.14‡9.92.5  Analyses links between weather and search engine activity
Touchscreen terminal maker
56.919.02.3  Is launching an improved, cheaper version of its smart terminal in November
Data centre services provider  Founder Mathew Hawkins owns and runs two other IT companies
53Content and Code
Software consultancy
56.167.8*2.1  Demonstrates Microsoft technology to clients before they implement it
54Wireless Logic
Wireless data services provider
55.85‡11.63.1  ECI Partners backed a £35m management buyout from Peter Jones last month
Satellite communication services provider
54.81‡7.01.9  Works primarily with Middle Eastern and African broadcasters
Online marketer
54.33‡9.32.5  Mark Livingstone co-founded and was its chief executive
57Ovation Incentives
Reward programme software developer
53.10‡5.11.4  Its online reward and loyalty programmes are available in 47 countries
Application migration consultancy
51.76‡13.33.8  Plans to open an office in New York by the end of the year
Telecoms services provider
51.486.11.8  Supplies internet connections to military barracks
Transportation management provider
50.53‡8.2*2.4  Travellers receive text message with driver details 30 minutes before collection
61RMA Consulting
Digital design consultancy
50.50‡6.01.7  Creates visual interfaces, such as flight planning systems for Nato aircraft
Online retailer
49.80‡22.06.6  Sells 175,000 products for the home and garden, from mattresses to hammocks
IT consultancy
49.42‡5.81.7  Is planning to open offices in New York and Singapore
64Premier Telecom
Telecoms services provider
49.33‡11.23.4  Won the 2011 award for Vodafone Platinum Partner of the Year
Technology expense manager  Has offices in New York, Macau, Hong Kong and Tokyo
IT services provider
48.1113.34.1  Secured £6m growth capital from Scottish Equity Partners last year
Online bookmaker
47.36‡501.4*156.7  Its website is available in 17 languages, including Greek, Slovak and Chinese
IT consultancy
46.96‡10.13.2  Is benefitting from the release of pent-up demand in the banking sector
69New Earth Solutions
Waste treatment technologies developer
45.8211.13.6  Produces renewable energy from non-recyclable waste
Internet services provider
45.345.11.6  Founder started his first company from his bedroom at the age of 15
71Hermes Datacomms
Communication systems provider
45.26‡17.15.6  Sponsored the Turkmenistan deaf Olympic team in Greco-Roman wrestling
Electronic designer
45.06‡40.213.2  Makes equipment for military vehicles and flight simulators
73Marlborough Communications
Military communications provider
44.9322.17.2  Supplies equipment to Nato forces in Afghanistan
Sports information provider
44.809.13.0  Covers 30 different sports in 70 countries
75Media Ingenuity
Online lead generator
44.6311.03.6  Recently launched its own travel insurance and credit card under the Fluid brand
Internet hosting provider
44.5012.24.0  Its Manchester data centre has its own electrical substation
Search marketing agency
44.3310.43.5  Claims to attract 85m visitors a month to its clients’ websites
Wireless radio software developer
44.1611.1*3.7  Spends 20% of its turnover on research and development
Software testing consultancy
43.32‡6.22.1  Worked for Yahoo at its Silicon Valley office
Communications services provider
42.95‡8.93.0  Founder Andrew Gilbert started the business when he was 23
81ANS Group
IT and telecoms provider
41.95‡29.410.3  Founded by former child actor Scott Fletcher
Conferencing services provider
41.926.32.2  Broadcasted a 24-hour three-way conference call as a publicity stunt
83Audio Network
Online music publisher
41.91‡6.22.2  Has a library of 42,000 music tracks used by television and film producers
84Orange Information Systems
IT consultancy
41.80‡16.85.9  Plans to open first overseas offices in Hong Kong within one year
Oracle consultancy
40.5729.510.6  Company name is an anagram of Oracle
86Thomsons Online Benefits
Employee benefits software developer
40.51‡23.98.6  Has recently appointed portfolio chairman Nick Discombe to its board
87Solar Communications
Communication systems provider
40.337.52.7  Plans to drive further growth by moving into video-conferencing
88ECO Plastics
Plastic bottle recycler
40.12‡18.6*6.8  Recently celebrated recycling its billionth bottle since reopening last November
Delivery services provider
39.54‡16.96.2  Delivers packages bought by British eBay bidders from sellers in America
90TIM Group
Financial software developer  Its online platform sends 2,000 trading ideas a day to investors
Online insurance broker
39.0516.16.0  Its chief executive previously ran the dating website
Software developer  Generates 40% of its sales in America
93Party Delights
Online party goods retailer
38.14‡9.53.6  Founder Allison Graham has supplied more than 1m parties
94Mobile Interactive Group
Mobile and digital technology provider
37.7877.829.8  Recently won a contract to run Skype’s global mobile website
95Red Box Recorders
Digital recording technology developer
37.775.11.9  Records phone and radio conversations for Cambridgeshire Police
96Onyx Group
IT services provider
37.6914.95.7  Helps FTSE 100 companies recover quickly after a catastrophe
Managed services provider
37.3921.38.2  Is designing mobile banking apps for smartphones
Solar technology developer
37.3350.319.4  Is building large solar panels across London’s Blackfriars Bridge
Oracle consultancy  Three co-founders used to work for Oracle
100Elite Telecom
Telecoms services provider
36.7917.46.8  Manages call-queuing for Premier League football clubs
‡ accounts not yet filed at Companies House

* annualised figure